MartyMade Screen Locking Top


The MartyMade Screen Locking Top (patent pending) is a unique, aluminum constructed and spring loaded locking latch mechanism that is designed to keep your animals contained in their enclosures and habitats. This exclusive designed top fits on the inside lip of your aquarium / vivarium and does not include any bulky clips.

Also, this custom Screen Locking Top can be built to your specifications and is designed to be used with ALL HEAT LAMPS, BULBS, ELEMENTS, and EATING ELEMENTS. It will NOT MELT or BURN unlike plastic tops which can and have caused fires.

MartyMade Screen Locking Top

Please Note:
MartyMade Screen Locking Tops are meant to keep animals in, not out! Not meant to withstand the weight of cats, dogs, and children. Extra large boas and pythons may push through the screen. Please use caution with these strong reptiles!


Spring loaded tabs help prevent any would be escape artist from escaping.

Simply, push down on the tab.


Twist the tab until the L-Hook catches the lip of the aquarium. The L-Hook prevents the screen top from being pushed open.
Designed to fit inside the aquarium and to lock onto the lip of the aquarium frame. A picture of the MartyMade Secure Locking Top screen locking top not locked into place.
The L-Hook catches the bottom of the lop and ocks onto it nice and tight. Just try and escape now! Home safe and secure.

To determine the size you need, measure from the inside of the aquarium frame on top of the lip.


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